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Still no verdict in Peacebuddha case

Peacebuddha case / 24-04-2015

The court still hasn't decided on a final hearing for the Peacebuddha case, we have helped the victims through reintegration, education support and counseling. Regular follow up is being done to ensure that they can leave behind the dreadful experience and move ahead in life. We will update you as soon as we receive the date for the final hearing which we strongly think will lead to a final verdict.

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Evidences against foreign pedophile

Search for pedophile with police / 24-04-2015

ACRI-Nepal through its investigation have found some possible victims of a foreign pedophile .We have collected some testimonies and are coordinating with the respective authorities to make this person accountable for his deeds.

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Our social worker coordinates possible reunion for biological parents with their child

Case illegal adoptions / 24-04-2015

ACR-Nepal's social worker will be coordinating with the 5 adoptive parents living in the US and Spain to fix a convenient and efficient communication strategy moving towards the reunion of biological family, the child and the adoptive family. We hope to give some relief to the families, the mothers who have lost their children through illegal adoptions.

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Child abuse in the name of voluntourism

News around the globe / 20-04-2015

Ghana’s undercover reporters expose a local ‘mommy’ who starved orphans whilst making them clap and sing for ‘voluntourists’.

“Sing! You must sing when there are visitors. You know that they bring donations but you just sit there looking reluctant. If you don’t sing loudly, and clap, I’ll whip you later, I promise!” The ‘mommy’ of Bawjiase Countryside Orphanage in Ghana, Emma Boafo, is not joking when she sternly warns the orphans in her care to perform for the many ‘voluntourists’ and supporters when they come. Much money depends on this; like many orphanages in Africa, her institution is sponsored by important charities. Among Emma Boafo’s sponsors are the World Health Organisation and Dutch construction company Ballast Nedam. Read more on these horrible practices.

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Stop orphanage tourism!

News around the globe / 17-04-2015

Interesting video about the impact of voluntourism in orphanages. We want to emphasize the importance of conscious decisions everytime you get in contact with orphanages. Only by making those conscious decisions you help to support the child homes who have the best intentions towards the children.
Check out the short movie Stop Orphanage Tourism.

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Nepal quake survivors face threat from human traffickers supplying sex trade

News around the globe / 06-05-2015

The 7.8-magnitude quake, which killed more than 7,000 people, has devastated poor rural communities, with hundreds of thousands losing their homes and possessions. Girls and young women in these communities have long been targeted by traffickers, who abduct them and force them into sex work. Read the full article.

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Action for Child Rights follows every complaint and always puts the focus on the victim. Because of our independent nature, we are able to give those in need direct support without intervention of third parties whatsoever.

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ACR is present all around the globe. Some actions in the spotlights

Stop the Oprhanage Business

This project takes action to stop criminal orphanages

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Your Impact

For this campaign we designed a brochure that explains profoundly the current situation in orphanages, how you have an impact on that and what you can do to change this.

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Be aware!

The purpose is to prevent parents to send their children to the wrong orphanages. Furthermore we want parents to find us easily in case of problems by creating visibility.

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Together we’ll look for possibilities to investigate these malpractices and to take action if necessary. Your request for help is treated with discretion; your information is not shared with third parties.